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(Prayer Group Meeting Topics on May 11 th, 2008)
Timing Sundays  at 5 Pm onwards 
313, St. Lawrence High School, Thakur Complex, Kandivali East, Mumbai  400101

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no. Name Email Topic City Request Date Revd
1 raphael mburu muthonira phaelmburu % Yahoo #com financial problems & social depression Thika - Kenya i would wish to be prayed for God's blessings and intervention for a breakthrough to overcome the suffering for me and my family. 5/3/ '08 9:26
2 stan ascep-stan % live #com visa pittsburgh Hi my name is stan, and i hope you pray for me that my visa be issued on the 27th of may at the American embassy montreal when i go for my interview and that all demonic attacks, in every area of my life be destroyed, Amen. 5/3/ '08 14:25
3 Phil flamencophil % yahoo #com Blessings Torrance, CA Pray GOD Blesses me in every area of my life today. 5/4/ '08 0:10
4 praveen daniel praw3159 % hotmail #com urgent please hyd Please Pray for the following to Almighty for me. Name=Praveen Daniel 1. Please Pray for me to GOD in order to have very good relation with GOD ALMIGHTY in not committing sin. 2. Please Pray for me to GOD in order to humble myself lower than dust. 3. Please Pray for me to GOD in order to have very good faith as universe as is in GOD. 4. Please Pray for me to GOD in order to have very good Knowledge in communication i.e in understanding Bible and speaking fluently in English with out any stumble. 5. Please Pray for me to GOD in order to store lots of treasures in heaven. 6..Please Pray for my country i.e in order to Perish all Idols and every-body, should accept Son Of GOD, LORD JESUS as their savior. 7. Please Pray for me to GOD in order have nice and kind heart for helping JEWS People regarding money sake and gathering all the JEWS People to their Home Land. 8. Pray for me to GOD in order have nice Prophecy Power in preaching gospel and Nice healing Power. 9. Please Pray for me GOD in order to trust in GOD for his promises with out any scare. 10. Please Pray for me to GOD in order have nice and kind heart for Praying to others. 11Please Pray for me to GOD in order eradicate dandruff and fungal infection in my slap. 12 Please Pray for me to GOD in order to re-growth my hair which was lost all these days and that should be stronger and oily than before and it should not root out. 13. Please Pray for me to GOD in order change others to Look and accept the LORD JESUS. 5/4/ '08 2:05
5 caroline prettykaro % gmail #com life partner nigeria i have been trusting God for a life partner.to be honest,i really do need God's favour on this.thank you 5/4/ '08 7:54
6 Frances Anderson msfanderson % att #net wisdom texas coming today in Jesus name praying for G.T. and A.T. and their home that God sends down the Holy One and gives them strength and wisdom of telling truth to B.R.B and all of B family of GT in love with a Godly man and all will come out today and God will Bless her and A on telling the truth to BRB and B family and all will be done as God wants by His will also praying for A and her husband and home family praying that their marriage is back stronger then ever as it has been for over 15years that there be no more calls to another man nor to woman from lust feelings they will see the love they have for each other and for their Lord and they remember and stand by their vows to each other to God and family and for me in Jesus name just Gods will be done and my best friend lover and the man God sent me will be home here in cc tonight and all is forgiven of past hurt things done wrong for God forgave me i forgave myself and we will live in a Godly home loving God and each other our families in Jesus name I pray and receive the blessings of this prayer answer it is done by the strips of Jesus amen amen 5/4/ '08 11:46
7 chris knowles knowlesalpha % yahoo #com starting small business nashville,tn I ask for help with starting a small business. I am a young guy looking for the right people to meet and the resources needed to help with start up and financing. I ask for knowledge and vision to get it going and be succesfull. thank you 5/4/ '08 13:25
8 Thomas Wandera Wasike thomas wandera wasike % live.co.uk Support of prayers KENYA/ AFRICA Dear,intercessors,these are our requests:breakthrough in ministry;financial breakthrough;upliftion in life;God to open the womb of my wife jackline and heal her from the womb complications;finally,deliver our family from the bondage of suffering which includes-mum dorothy,daddy nicholaus,brothers wilfred,bonvenchor,victor,lilian,josephine,beldina wasike.Yours Thomas W.Wasike.Kenya.thomaswanderawasike % live.co.uk 5/4/ '08 14:06
9 Lackelo kwayasama % yahoo.co.uk Finances Lilongwe 1. Pray that God will grant me a God fearing husband from UK. 2. Pray that God will grant me a good paying job at African Bible College. 3. Pray that God will grant me college fees for my daughters and funds to build a family house. 5/5/ '08 1:56
10 emren dearesti mmu % yahoo #com pray for my love india Please pray for us.. My and my girl friends parents are not agreeing to our marriage and her parents are trying to fix her marriage with another boy. Please pray so that our parents agree to our marriage and the proposal they are trying to fix gets cancelled. Please please please pray I am in need of help.Please please please. 5/5/ '08 4:23
11 Barbara F Logan AlphaFem53 % aim #com Financial Breakthrough Today Dallas, Texas 75360 I need an urgent Financial Blessing, large enough to get on my feet and large enough to pay back personal loans and large enough to bless others. Prayer for devine health also. Thank you and I pray also for you. 5/5/ '08 5:09
12 Laura Ellen Ljmwsmith % yahoo #com Prayer for my son Jefferson In the Name of Jesus, please pray for my son, Michael Wayne Smith, that he is protected from all harm and evil. Michael is working offshore, and we are unable to reach him by phone. Please pray that he is kept safe,  all evil has to flee, in the Name of Jesus. God bless you. 5/5/ '08 7:09
13 robin idontha veone % aol #com my sons columbus ga father god please help my sons, the oldest one is engaged but he's already having problems. i pray for the lord to direct his foot steps to do the wisest thing possible. the youngest one says he's gay, help him get back on the right track. in jesus name i pray amen 5/5/ '08 15:00
14 p.john martin martin.jency % gmail #com prayer for my job and easy delivery for my wife nilgiris dear brother This is johnmartin from nilgiris brother today i am sending a application form for central government job so please pray for the job which i am trying brother...... presently i am working in a government concern as a temporary staff and my salary is 3,000 Rs and i got married before last year and my wife is conceived she is on 8th month pray for her and bless her because last year when she was conceived she got abortion this time god should bless her during delivery period and i cannot manage the family with the salary what i am getting... so i have send a application today for the government job so please pray for me to get that job Thanking you your loving p.johnmartin 5/5/ '08 23:25
15 john martin martin. jency % gmail #com prayer for my job and easy delivery for my wife nilgiris dear brother This is johnmartin from nilgiris brother today i am sending a application form for central government job so please pray for the job which i am trying brother...... presently i am working in a government concern as a temporary staff and my salary is 3,000 Rs and i got married before last year and my wife is conceived she is on 8th month pray for her and bless her because last year when she was conceived she got abortion this time god should bless her during delivery period and i cannot manage the family with the salary what i am getting... so i have send a application today for the government job so please pray for me to get that job Thanking you your loving p.johnmartin 5/5/ '08 23:26
16 Scaria Varg hese varghese scaria % hotmail #com Job Problems kuwait Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ , please pray that our good lord Jesus blesses me with a good job in the same company in which i was facing harassment and humiliation due to which i had to resign . I have sent my complaints to my hr dept and they are reviewing the matter and perhaps they might take a fair decision and give me a job so that all my financial problems will be solved. i have already taken loans and i need to pay back . i have my family in kuwait with me with 3 kids. Kindly pray for me 5/6/ '08 4:34
17 Laura Ellen Ljmwsmith % yahoo #com Prayer for my son Jefferson, Texas, USA In the Name of Jesus, please pray for my son, Michael Wayne Smith, that he is protected from all harm and evil, that he is surrounded by the Lord's Love and Light, that he knows that Jesus is with him. Michael is working offshore, on the job that the Lord blessed him with. Please pray that the Lord blesses Michael with His Favor, that his bosses and co-workers find favor with Michael, wanting to help him,  "My God is an Awesome God", in his heart, loving the Lord. God bless you. 5/6/ '08 7:00
18 tobi taiwo elnathan co oporations % yahoo #com favor nigeria pls join me i thanking God that i will be granted favor in the sight of the boss of the canadian embassy in lagos nigeria, and i will be granted my student visa before the end of this week. and pls thank God that every form of delay will be removed thank you tobi 5/6/ '08 9:30
19 DR.JIMMY M.L. jimmyml 2000 % hotmail #com MINISTRY AND FINANCES KOTTAYAM I am an orthopaedic surgeon and a Christian minister and writer residing at Kerala,India. Please pray for thousand fold recovery or blessings of financial and other areas of my life which was tried to be destroyed by jealous people especially because I was doing Lord’s work and also for the sale of 'blocked' orthopaedic instruments. Please also pray for the gifts, doors and finances required for the revealed personal God’s plan for my life i.e. to create a global organization related Christian medical charity work and evangelism and an apostolic role in the world stage (with revelations and other gifts similar to apostle Paul). Thanking you, Dr.Jimmy M.L. My personal details in :- www.doctorjimmy.tk 5/6/ '08 12:09
20 bubba dabigmrfish % yahoo #com Help usa Hi, please pray for me. I lost my temper at my wife and busted up the bedroom door, I had it slammed in my face one time to many over the last 10 years. My wife does not want me to take care of my 76 year old mother who is having knee surgery tommorow. I need help. I need to know what is right for me to do in Gods eyes. I need my wife to find peace in her heart to sleep better at night, and to respect me. She lives with a lot of pain and lashes out at me all the time, my feelings hurt so bad. I just need to die, and I do not know what to do, or how to fix it. Help Jesus, Please help me Jesus, Please send someone to fix the broken door this week. 5/6/ '08 20:51
21 jerry jerryrutland % bellsouth #net Pray for Jose' for Healing birmingham, alabama Please pray for a Miraculous Healing for Jose who was recently diagnosed with hiv. Jose is 21 yrs old. Please pray for his Salvation and Healing.. So God will be Glorified. thank you, Jerry 5/6/ '08 21:20
22 Antonio & Aida Basilio and Fam annette cruz2004 % yahoo #com Family Concern Manila Please Pray Daily: 1. ANTONIO, ANA, ALICE, MIKE, SHERWIN, AIREEN, REY, AGNES, NEMY & ANJO please pray for change of hearts & enlightenment, and pray to draw their hearts closer to God. 2. ANA, AGNES, AIREEN, ALICE & NEMY please pray for the right discernment to know Gods plan in their life so that they will able to obey His will in their life; and pray for wisdom & knowledge, guidance, hedge of protection, good health, physical strength, peace of mind & good relationship. 3. ANTHONY JOHN CUARTERON please pray for guidance, hedge protection, good health, and pray to concentrate to his studies so that he will able to finish his studies and to have a good direction in his life. 4. EDDIE & ANNETTE CRUZ please pray to deepen our prayer life, and learn to love the will of God; pray for guidance & protection, good health, physical strength, wisdom & knowledge and financial blessings. 5. CHESKA, REI JOSEPH, PAUL MARQUEZ, PAULINE QUILATAN please pray for guidance & protection, good health and pray to be kind & obedient to their parent & to their Family & have a good directions in life & to become God fearing. 6. ANTONIO & AIDA BASILIO & FAMILY please continue to pray to draw our hearts closer to God and learn to depend & focus on God what ever situation we will face; pray for good relationship in our family, guidance, hedge of protection, good health, wisdom & knowledge, financial blessings and peace of mind. 7. ROSITA CRUZ please pray for change of hearts, to draw her hearts closer to God; and pray for guidance & protection, good health. 5/6/ '08 23:23
23 robin idonthave % aol #com job situation georgia Father God Jehovah Jireh, thank you I reached my goal for April. I pray I'll reach my goal for May. I am in need of business accounts, equity lines and mortgages. May PS 1 come true for me, I shall be as a tree planted by the rivers water who bears fruit, all i do shall be blessed. Help R.P. & K.G. get a good paying jobs with benefits close to home. I ask this in Jesus name amen 5/7/ '08 10:38
24 Cristina Emanu ela honestyp aysoff % hotmail #com Prayer   PRAYER REQUEST: PLEASE FERVENTLY PRAY AND FORWARD TO PRAYER GROUPS, CHAINS, YOUR FRIENDS, CHURCH--may God help you, too: For the blessed happy marriage/wedding of Benone Vasile to Cristina Emanuela; For Cristina Emanuela to find the right job for her, allowing her to use her PhD and MAs; Please, God, give Cristina Emanuela peace, stability and happy certainty as well as a clear path to follow and good direction; Deliver and Heal Cristina Emanuela and Benone Vasile from all evil, magic, bad and circumstances, curses, uncertainties, instability, wickedness, witchcraft, spells 5/7/ '08 13:41
25 Phil flamen cophil % yahoo #com Blessings Torrance,CA Pray GOD Blesses me in every area of my life today. 5/8/ '08 2:01
26 Julia jsefako % gmail #com Wisdom South Africa I seem to desire to get married,i want to pray so I can stop this desire.May God grant me understanding that it will only happent if it is His plan. 5/8/ '08 7:49
27 THABO MAFIKE CLOVIS clovisnor woodc oaker % yahoo.co #uk bind the spirit of wichcraft and finacial lack Nottingham uk I am from Lesothosouthern Africa living inuk Nottingham.I minister in the city to both christians and nonchristians. a bag containing animal kidneys,garden soil has been discovered during intercessory prayer in the house of Apollonia Anderson,the person I have been ministering to.She rebelt against the Islamic faith and is working with me for community interest companyin Nottingham UK. We ork among all sorts of people and background and somehow the Holy spirit is now using my deep intercessory prayers for this place to dig out demonic inserts and expose voodoo-witchcraft............
I love you all and please be my new friends. I am praying for you too!
5/8/ '08 11:33
28 MJM danson % hcm.vnn #vn Relationship & Finance Vietnam I seek urgent help! My wife, whom I have known for 15 years and mother of my 12-year old daughter, has suddenly lost almost all her love for me. Her attitude towards me is unbelievably cold. I love her very much and wish her to return to me immediately, loving me more than ever before. Also, I need urgent divine intervention to realise my business success that has eluded me for more than 10 years. Please help me as best you can. Thank you so much. 5/8/ '08 23:48
29 Jonah Kenei jonah.kenei % gmail #com Life transformation Nairobi Pray for me a life transformation.I am currently stressed, i am a lonely man & i need god's gift-the wife according to the scripture. I am growing old and when i see my life, i feel alot of emptiness.Please pray for me in Jesus Name 5/9/ '08 1:42
30 Nitin george nitin1 984 % gmail #com family and me navi mumbai Dear sir, This is Nitin George from navi mumbai,india. Please pray for me and my family.I am currently doin my internship at E&Y ,a good company.Help me do well here,,that i amy get an offer from the same company. please bless us financially.Lead our paths in peace & prosperity. Forgive my sins & lead my career.Help me get excellent marks in my just concluded exams. Pray for my dad at work,help him with more contracts & works.Help him get business. I pray for my parents health as well as my brothers career. Please pray for my friend Uma,who is diagnosed with brain tumor.Help her get well soon. In your name i ask,lord.Help me make it big,, i wish to do a lot of things with my works here.help me in all that. Please bless our family with all our needs & grant us peace n prosperity. In jesus name,we pray. 5/9/ '08 2:28
31 Vim bainashe Nyashanu vnyashanu % webmail.co.za Interview Cape Town I went for an interview today. Pray for me so that l can get the job as l real need it. 5/9/ '08 8:58
32 lv lidwinvaz % yahoo #com urgent prayer tx ryan to quit drugs and come to god 5/9/ '08 12:37
33 Frances Anderson ms fanderson % att #net Reply - 6


texas- first give all all the glory and praise for all he has blessed me with i come today praying that Bryan be back home today and he sees how much God and i love him and all past is forgiving forgotten washed away as Jesus washed all our sins away by His blood also lifting up Gloria that she have the strength wisdom in letteing this man go that has cheated lied drinks she not married to him see find the man God sent her and Adela and her family home thank you in my heavenly fathers name amen 5/9/ '08 13:25
34 marianne holly.jude % yahoo #com healing   please pray for healing of mind, body & spirit thank you! marianne 5/9/ '08 16:21
35 Carol caprice1221 % earthlink #net Dementia Arkansas Please pray for my dad Jack age 85, he has Dementia. Please pray for healing. 5/9/ '08 17:57
36 Michelle kazz8080 % msn #com Marriage North Carolina Hello. My name is Michelle. I am open to finding my soul mate and getting married to a wonderful man. Please pray for me. Thank you. 5/9/ '08 18:30
37 Roseanna Cannaday rcannaday % hotmaill #com Family Relationships Texas Please pray that God will heal and restore the relationship between me and my mom and that we will grow closer. Please pray that God will place His hand of favor and blessings over the lives of me and my daughter. 5/9/ '08 23:14
38 Diana Couturier danj % adelphia #net Marriage California, USA I ask you to pray for my husband John and me. For healing and restoration of our sacramental marriage. I ask for healing and reconciliation. May God in his mercy bring my husband home so that we will grow in holiness together as God willed it. Please pray to the Lord for a miracle to make him move back on his free will and try to work on our marriage together. Lies, other people, lack of forgiveness and resentment has broken something between us that only a miracle from the Lord can fix. Please help us dear lord. Give us both the courage, wisdom, and guidance to fix our marriage. Please give our marriage another chance. Help us to open to each other in every way without fear and to soften my husbands heart to me. Pray there are no more, lies, games, infidelity, and putting others people or money before each other. Please restore our intimate/physical relationship. Please restore the strong, deep, pure love and commitment we once had. Please pray for this miracle Jesus thru Mary, Diana 5/9/ '08 23:39
39 Mom msjtjones % earthlink #net Need prayers and God\'s help to remove obstacles NC Tanner is trying out for his school\'s summer league baseball team. Pray for his guidance and help removing all obstacles that have been standing in his way. Instructors said he would get baseball scholarship, but only God can remove the many obstacles he faces. He has worked hard since age 4 for a baseball scholarship. Pray as he works toward becoming an Christian athlete/academic student/role model and fulfilling his hopes/dreams of being used as God\'s instrument. 5/10/ '08 2:14
40 Roselyn powerful_chic % hotmail #com Help My Sister. Canada, Surrey,B.C. This is a prayer request for my younger sister Rosie. Recently she met someone who she is madly in love with. Rosie and Sam both want to get married but however, things are getting delayed and the guy seems to be losing interest in getting married to her. She has already have come out of a very abusive relationship with her ex-husband and she almost committed suicide with her depression. If my sister Rosie doesn't get married to Sam, Iam afraid she may become depressed again and she could try to take her own life. Please pray that they both get married happily this year. I don't want to lose my sister. She has been through enough in her life and I just want to see her happy and healthy with Sam.Thank you for reading this request. 5/10/ '08 2:28
41 Monica mrsmlw % aol #com Heal My Marriage| California My husband of 15 years Kevin cheated on me. He says he \"fell in love\" with another woman and is now torn between his feelings for the two of us. He doesn\'t know if he has the strength or desire to try to save our marriage. I love him and want nothing more to restore our marriage. Pray that Kevin\'s heart opens to me and closes to her. Pray that God disrupts and causes intense problems in his adulterous relationship. Pray that God closes Kevin\'s mind to those who tell him our marriage is hopeless (especially his mother). Thank you. Monica May 10, 2008
42 Thomas W. Wasike thomas wandera wasike % live.co.uk Reply - 8

thanks for the response concerning my request



Dear,matthew, receive greetings from us in jesus name,hoping that its well with u all in <india>.Am so much blessed with your message which is spiritually encouraging and uplifting.I have been doing so,and will continue for the will of God 2 b done.Once,more ,i request your support through prayer.we were displacement in january 2008 and haven't been able 2 resume to Gucha/Nyanza province of KENYA,where we were minstering us missionaries due to lack of finances.May God bless u all in shalom india.,  
43 Mok danson  %hcm .vnn .vn Reply - 28 Vietnam  Dear Brother J Mathew, Thank you for your prompt response. I am very desperate and in need of every iota of prayers. Please do your utmost to intercede. May our Lord has mercy and compassion on me and answer all my prayers urgently.
Thank you so much once again, Brother J Mathew.
God bless!Yours lovingly, A Singaporean living in Vietnam
44 Vimba inashe vnyashanu  %webmail. co. za Reply - 31 Cape Town  Hi J Mathew, Thank you for the words oe encouragement that you gave. Its people like you who lend their ear and actual offer a solution. Just reading your message has given me peace in my heart. Its like l am ready to face the world as l know that l am not alone. May you continue to inspire and encourage people who have lost all hope. You know what l will say a small
prayer for you this evening.May God bless you.
Take care.Lots of love Vimbainashe
45 Holly Jude holly.j ude  %yahoo  #com Reply - 34    Thank You, J Mathew, May God Bless You! Marianne  

Special Prayer Subjects

1     Courage & Mind Mumbai Let God give us courage and full mind to do His Ministry with Grace and Wisdom. Home Ministry as well as street ministry..

Act 23:11 The Lord stood near Paul the next night and said to him, "Don't lose your courage! You've told the truth about me in Jerusalem. Now you must tell the truth about me in Rome."

2     Evil Worship   Mumbai Let the mumbai seek the Living God and turn away the idolatry, the worship of images that are not God. Let Lord brake devil's  power from this city. Burma , Myanmar above 1 lakh people perish those of evil worshippers 10 lakh affected.
Isa 26.9 for when thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness
3     Weapon Let Lord Destroy Weapon against us Isa 54:17 No weapon that has been made to be used against you will succeed. You will have an answer for anyone who accuses you. This is the inheritance of the LORD'S servants. Their victory comes from me," declares the LORD.
Jer 51:20 "You are my war club and my weapon for battle. I will use you to crush nations. I will use you to destroy kingdoms.
Eph 6:17 Also take salvation as your helmet and the word of God as the sword that the Spirit supplies.






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