Inspiriting Messages

Financial Problems?
Steps to overcome financial crisis.

Looking for a First Born...

How to choose a Right Life Partner  ?
God's way to select a life partner.. Enjoy your future in happiness.
God Speaks Today !!
God still speaks today by the Holy Spirit through His written Word, through His anointed servants, and through such supernatural means as dreams, visions, inward assurance. Divine Providence, or circumstance. God never speaks to us in any subjective experience in contradiction to His written Word. 
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Tune Your Faith in GOD
There is the capacity in God to speak to us through His Holy Spirit direct from Heaven. For example, a room is filled  with hundreds of sound signals beamed out from radio and television stations. But we can't hear them unless we turn on a radio or TV set. As soon as we tune the set to the station, those sounds are transmitted into something audible or visible. In the same way, we can "tune in" to God and receive His signals, some of which are audible and visible!
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Two Kinds of Faith
1 . Gift Of Faith
This is the sovereign impartation of a Gift of Faith from God to you. at the time of salvation or faith can come to you in a given situation, and a great miracle will take place.

2. Developed Faith

In developed faith, if you start out with "5-cent" faith and it grows to "75-cent" faith then you can deal with any situation that you encounter up to 75-cent faith 
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